Wednesday, June 3, 2009

March 24th - March 31st

24TH - Completely addicted to the Twilight series.
25th - My little drummer boy in training
26th - Hiding from Paparazzi Mommy

27th - I went to a Twilight party at a friends' house to watch the DVD :) This is me and my friend Tallie
28th - I just thought this was hilarious. All I could see was his lil head and he was doing some goofy faces. :)
29th - we got a fancy new camera (Nikon D40) and I have no idea how to use it LOL But I'm lovin' that blurry background!

30th - entered my first scrapbooking challenge with this memo board. Didn't win :( But still felt good about challenging myself and getting my work out there.31 - this is her puppy dog face :( she uses those big browns and the pouty lip to get what she wants. think it works?

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