Saturday, June 6, 2009

April completely out of order :/ and I didn't quite get a picture for every day :(

4/19 Lacie got a HUGE new (to her) Barbie house from Little Feet Repeats
4/13 We went to see the Hannah Montana movie today since there was no school :)

4/10 At the doctors AGAIN - warts :( "bumpies"

4/20 Colby had a few rough emotional days this month. This day AS SOON AS we walked in the door he started throwing a fit about something.

4/11 David got an IPHONE!!!

4/16 I took this one as part of a meme on my regular blog

4/15 On my cousin Beth's birthday she gained a new little brother when my aunt adopted this lil guy from Ethiopia!

4/25 my baby sister turned 21 today and got carded at her own party! HAH

4/24 just me :)

4/21 my hunny went to a Lakers playoff game (this picture will probably change, he's not here to pick the best one)

4/12 This is Grandma Lopez on Easter teaching the kids how to make Resurrection Rolls

4/18 Baby shower gift part 2

4/17 Baby shower gift Part 1

4/9 Baby Elphie attempt #2

4/8 helping me with the vacation laundry

4/7 Day 2 at Disneyland with Mickey

4/5 Just playing outside, enjoying SPRING!

4/6 Wall-E at Disneyland

4/4 Making a rainbow cake

4/3 Easter party at school

4/2 Lacie & friends at school

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