Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25th

YAY for bubble baths!

February 24th

Notice anything about this lil journal entry by my darling daughter?

February 23rd

These are the projects he made at his first Dinosaur class :)

February 22nd

This is my bestie and I on our last day of mommie scrapbooking weekend :(

February 21st

Taking a break from scrapbooking to go out to dinner! These girls are so much fun!

February 20th

At the family beach house for my mommies only scrapbooking weekend!!!

February 19th

The kids' school hosted a fundraiser night at Chuck E Cheese. Fun times!

February 18th

Gotta love a $2 bouquet of a dozen roses! I got these from Albertson's, leftover from Valentine's day! I always tell my husband that I don't really care for roses, especially red ones. But I just couldn't pass these up!

February 17th

High School Musical 3 was released on DVD today!!! Woohoo!!!!

February 16th

Poor lonely trampoline! This was on one of the very few rainy days we get around here.

February 15th

My honey bought me a laptop with a portion of our tax return! I love it!

February 14th

Today was Valentine's day and my stepdad's birthday. David had school during the day so the kids and I ordered a heart shaped pizza for lunch. Later we went to my parents for spaghetti dinner.

February 13

Happy Birthday to me!!! I turned 28 years old today. I still can't believe it! I also can't believe that I didn't get a single picture of me on this day :( SO this one will have to do! f

February 12th

I made these two lil treats for the kids' teachers for Valentine's day. I got the idea from the You Can Make This blog.

February 11th

Today I took Colby to a local park to sign him up for a Dinosaur class. Now that the kids are in school, and since it's been winter, we hardly ever get to go to the parks these days. So Colby was extra excited to have a few minutes to play! Seeing him on these toys that he used to play on when he was 2 years old just showed me how much he has grown! :( sniff!

February 10th

This picture is actually taken from a video I took of Lacie. We were watching a dog show and she decided to go and get her pup and parade him around like the competitors on tv LOL
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February 9th

There was no school today in honor of Abraham Lincoln so we had my sister Isabelle for a visit. The girls and I busted out Lacies alphabet bead set to make some necklaces and keychains! It was to boring for Colby LOL

February 8th

Another old daycare babe of mine came over today. Baby H brought her mommy and daddy over for dinner and to show me her 2 year old pictures. I started watching Baby H when she was just 3 months old! Her mommy asked her to please make her valentine's and bday cards with her new pictures. I'm so glad that I can still be a part of this baby's life!

February 7th

My husband had a dream come true today! He got to meet, speak with, and get an autograph from MAGIC JOHNSON!!!

February 6th

Happy 26th Birthday to my "baby" brother! I don't remember him being born. I remember him always being there. I have so many great (and a few not so great) memories of he and I growing up together. We are only 2 years apart and our birthdays are exactly a week apart. I am so excited to see what this year brings for him!

February 4th

After months of drooling over an Ali Edwards' project, I finally got a type drawer of my own! It was an early birthday gift from my darling husband!

February 3rd

My brother and I plus our kids stood in line for 40 minutes with a TON of other people to get our free breakfast on at Denny's! It was so much fun spending time together and the food was yummy! I just wish I had a picture of all 5 of us. Unfortunately my nephew is that fun age (2) and was not into having his picture taken.

February 2nd

In a 3 week span we have 4 birthdays to celebrate in my family. David on January 20th, my brother Greg on February 6th, me on February 13th, and my stepdad on February 14th. This year we agreed to celebrate all 4 at once at a new restaurant in town called Famous Dave's BBQ. There were other family members there, we exchanged gifts, had yummy bbq, cake and ice cream. It was a nice night spent with people we love!

This picture will have to do for now, or forever. My mom has one of us 4 birthday peeps in front of the Famous Dave's catering truck that I'd rather use. In this picture, my stepdad, mom, sister, and my kids are looking at the album that we as a birthday gift for him.

February 1st

We watched the Superbowl at my mom's house and wacko me didn't have my camera. A few days later I took a picture of her camera displaying this picture. Eventually I'll get the real thing :)

January 31st

I just love watching my lil girl set up and play with her Barbies!

January 30th

Tonight we had the pleasure of babysitting a lil 2 and a half year old boy. This lil boy, Lil P, was a regular around here until last May. He was my lil daycare babe (one of em) for 2 years! I was amazed at how well he and the kids got along together and just had a blast snuggling and tickling him again! Can't wait till his mom and dad need a babysitter again!

Monday, February 16, 2009

January 29th

Another Colby creation. I always hate asking him to clean this up knowing how hard and diligent he was in getting it set up. But when THIS is right smack dab in the middle of my livingroom, well let's just say it's a good thing he loves doing this over and over LOL