Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 2nd

In a 3 week span we have 4 birthdays to celebrate in my family. David on January 20th, my brother Greg on February 6th, me on February 13th, and my stepdad on February 14th. This year we agreed to celebrate all 4 at once at a new restaurant in town called Famous Dave's BBQ. There were other family members there, we exchanged gifts, had yummy bbq, cake and ice cream. It was a nice night spent with people we love!

This picture will have to do for now, or forever. My mom has one of us 4 birthday peeps in front of the Famous Dave's catering truck that I'd rather use. In this picture, my stepdad, mom, sister, and my kids are looking at the album that we as a birthday gift for him.

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