Saturday, June 6, 2009

April completely out of order :/ and I didn't quite get a picture for every day :(

4/19 Lacie got a HUGE new (to her) Barbie house from Little Feet Repeats
4/13 We went to see the Hannah Montana movie today since there was no school :)

4/10 At the doctors AGAIN - warts :( "bumpies"

4/20 Colby had a few rough emotional days this month. This day AS SOON AS we walked in the door he started throwing a fit about something.

4/11 David got an IPHONE!!!

4/16 I took this one as part of a meme on my regular blog

4/15 On my cousin Beth's birthday she gained a new little brother when my aunt adopted this lil guy from Ethiopia!

4/25 my baby sister turned 21 today and got carded at her own party! HAH

4/24 just me :)

4/21 my hunny went to a Lakers playoff game (this picture will probably change, he's not here to pick the best one)

4/12 This is Grandma Lopez on Easter teaching the kids how to make Resurrection Rolls

4/18 Baby shower gift part 2

4/17 Baby shower gift Part 1

4/9 Baby Elphie attempt #2

4/8 helping me with the vacation laundry

4/7 Day 2 at Disneyland with Mickey

4/5 Just playing outside, enjoying SPRING!

4/6 Wall-E at Disneyland

4/4 Making a rainbow cake

4/3 Easter party at school

4/2 Lacie & friends at school

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

April 1st


March 24th - March 31st

24TH - Completely addicted to the Twilight series.
25th - My little drummer boy in training
26th - Hiding from Paparazzi Mommy

27th - I went to a Twilight party at a friends' house to watch the DVD :) This is me and my friend Tallie
28th - I just thought this was hilarious. All I could see was his lil head and he was doing some goofy faces. :)
29th - we got a fancy new camera (Nikon D40) and I have no idea how to use it LOL But I'm lovin' that blurry background!

30th - entered my first scrapbooking challenge with this memo board. Didn't win :( But still felt good about challenging myself and getting my work out there.31 - this is her puppy dog face :( she uses those big browns and the pouty lip to get what she wants. think it works?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

March 17th-March 23rd

17th - HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY!!!!18th - Happy 9th Anniversary to us!!!! 19th - Wii Fit Yoga20th - Colby got an award for Perfect Attendance
21 - My nephew Raymond as Darth Vader22 - Colby already saw this show last September with Dad, in Los Angeles, but he was excited to see them come to Bakersfield. I love this Dino Boy of mine!23 - Baby Elphie attempt #1 with spray paint and an old dollie. FAIL :(

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March 16th

Today was the last Dinosaur class.

March 15th

Shopping at Target, incognito!

March 14th

A Chik Fil A just opened in town and I finally got to try it out today. It actually wasn't all that great and kinda pricey!

March 13th

She said "Mom this nose is out of control" LOL darn allergies! :)

March 12th

Lacie, helping to sort out orders.

March 11th

When I got in the car to take the kids to school I found this, from my husband :) MUCH better than flowers! hehehe

March 10th

Another Colby creation

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 9th

Colby's homework assignment this week was to create a leprechaun trap! Luckily for me I had just picked up the latest issue of Family Fun magazine where there were 3 different trap designs! This is the one Colby picked, notice the rock climbing wall? We had so much fun that we ended up making one of Lacie's choosing, on a different day, to use at home

March 8th

Today I finally ventured into my kids' playroom. I'd ignored it long enough, and it showed! It took me most of the day and in the end I had several bags of trash and several bags to add to my LFR inventory!

March 7th

Today was actually my Nana's birthday, we celebrated the night before with family but I didn't get any good pictures :( I still want to make mention of her special day because she means so much to me.

The picture I took today was actually at Baby H's 2nd birthday party. I'm so glad that I can still be a part of her life! The relationship she has with my kids is incredibly adorable too!

March 6th

I think I have quite a few different versions of this picture from the past few years. The kids and I, along with my brother & nephew tagged along with my sister Belle's school (my kids' old school) for their annual field trip to CALM - California Animal Living Museum. I just love seeing my Bear with the real bears!

March 5th

My mom made Lacie this tshirt dress 4 years ago! For the most part it still fits and I think the leggings underneath are an adorable addition :) I just love my itty bitty girl and her clothes that last and last LOL

Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 4th

After several really warm days we had a cold and rainy day. The sun appeared in the afternoon and I told the kids we should go and see if there was a rainbow. There was! Usually I can only see one side but we were treated with the FULL shebang! It was gorgeous!
And yes that is my son outside in his chonies. LOL If he's not out of the house and we don't have company he is in his chonies!