Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 24th

I don't have a picture for today. I didn't take one. So I'm going to journal and add a picture later.

Today we went to a birthday party for some folks we barely knew. Daddy works with the dad and Mommy scraps with the mom. It was their little boys 2nd birthday. We had never met there kids. The point of all this is that we all had the best time at the party. Lacie & Colby took off outside to jump in the jumper and we sat inside with some adults that Daddy works with and chatted the night away. The kids came in periodically to check in, get a drink, eat, etc. There were babies & toddlers all around. Whining, clinging, needing changed. Doing what babies do. It really clicked in my head that I was SO relieved not to be worrying about any of that. We have BIG kids now, that can play outside on their own with kids they'd never met before and have a GREAT time. And now my husband & I can enjoy grownup time with pretty much no worries! As much as I'd love to have the 3 kids I'd always wanted, I just can NOT imagine starting over. And I'm actually glad that we don't have to! We are so enjoying this stage in our lives! It's a blast!

So I think I'll add a baby pic of the kids?

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